Graduation was held recently for the 2021 graduating class of Guyana Christian University. Those graduating and pictured are: (Front L-R) Amy Moses, Huxley Moses, Reuben Henry, Leon Henry, Marcos John, Terry John. Back row (L-R) Elai Bernad, Clinton Fredericks, Director John Langham, Derek Winter, Richard Adams, Director Thomas George, Ernest Merriman.

Guyana Christian University is overseen by the Eastern Shore congregation, Daphne, AL. President is Bryant Evans. Director is John Langham and Guyanese director is Thomas George.

Students at the school attend four-week sessions four times a year for two years. Various preachers, mostly from the U.S., teach for two weeks at a time.

Brothers Jerry O. Davidson and Tom Holland were instrumental in the school’s beginning. Guyana Christian University is located in Lethem. It is a two-year program.

Roger Comstock, Sevierville, TN, has taken over the helm of brother Jerry O. Davidson’s Amerindian Missions work since his passing. He taught two different sessions of this group of students and expresses joy in their graduation.

Special appreciation to Brian Hall, Bryant Evans and Roger Comstock for contents of this article.