Casa Grande, AZ (BNC) By Katheryn Haddad — I am looking for a veteran who has served in Afghanistan willing to be a spokesman for the church of Christ that is struggling in Kabul. So far, they have had to do everything on their own.

My original convert of 11 years ago through WEI is wise and strong. Otherwise, the congregation would not exist. He has baptized all the others — family members and friends, and my students who I studied with through WEI.  He is in his fifties and qualifies as an elder.

There is another man who is around 35 who will qualify when his young teen daughter is baptized. What a boon that will be.

On his own, he sold his house in Bamyam and bought a lot in Kabul. Last year, he and his two grown sons dug the basement for a house and spent the rest of the money he had to cement walls and roof.  It is almost complete.  He plans for the church to meet together there. Thus far there has been no place where they can be together.

He has preached to (as he terms it) over fifty people. Sometimes he is threatened. The first time he escaped with his family to India, then finally returned.  Now, whenever he is threatened, he escapes to the mountains.

One time he got a threatening phone call and just hung up on them. He is becoming more and more bold. Dick Ady calls him the Apostle Paul of Afghanistan.

He has told me, “I will not stop until they kill me.”

Afghanistan needs someone to take a special interest in them and be their spokesman. I have a little savings account and will pay travel expenses (not to Afghanistan, but within the US) for whoever will help do this.

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