You might see a 35’ motor home with a red truck hooked to it going down a road sometime and never think that inside were traveling missionaries. That is exactly what is inside and was recently seen in lower Alabama. From their home congregation at the Pacific church of Christ, Pacific, MO, Larry and Carolyn Stephens are presently making a loop through the lower states preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ.

Carol was invited by the Christian Home church, Wicksburg, AL, to speak at their Ladies Day recently. Larry parked their motorhome next to the church building where it served as their home away from home.  From that base they were able to visit and encourage the churches in the surrounding area.

On Sunday, September 22, they were invited to the Geneva church of Christ, Geneva, AL. Larry taught the men’s class and preached at the morning service. Carol taught the ladies class. During their time in the Geneva area they invited people to worship with the church.

Larry and Carol have been on the road preaching and teaching the gospel for five years. It was always Larry’s dream to travel and help churches who needed them.  After retirement they worked to make that dream come true.  Larry has preached in 11 of the states they have traveled in. He is scheduled to be in Gallup, New Mexico later this year where they will be Honorary grandparents to the children in the Manulito Navajo Children’s home. This tour will end in Louisiana where Larry will preach two weekends and Carol will speak at a ladies devotional. Arriving back home in in Pacific, MO, just in time for Thanksgiving, they are booked through August 2020 and will soon be on the road again.

Carol shared, “Since we drive everywhere we have to plan carefully so that we are good stewards of our time and give the Lord the best of ourselves and what we have.”

Carol has used time on the road to study and write. She has written several books and is presently in the process of writing a 13-lesson ladies Bible study book.  Each day she sends some fifty friends a Bible verse with comments through text message, as she stays in touch and teaches the gospel.

When Larry is asked by some congregations occasionally if he has a sermon ready, he holds up his Bible and says, “Oh, I have a few.”

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