ELBA, Alabama (BNc) — When walking into the Elba Church of Christ building ones eyes are immediately drawn to the beautiful bulletin boards in the hallways. Upon investigation, one will find that Pam Crittenden, church secretary, uses her artistic talent to the glory of God and hand paints the scenes displayed.

As a young girl of 12 years, Pam made her own paper dolls. She drew them on paper, fastened them to cardboard, colored them and cut them out. “I enjoyed making different clothes for the dolls and coloring them with crayons,” she said. Years later Pam purchased a small set of oil paints and with the suggestions of a friend who taught art, she ventured out on her own painting different things.

When asked when she began painting scenes on butcher paper to cover the bulletin boards, she said ten years ago when she became the church secretary. She saw a need and thought if she could paint small pictures she could paint larger ones. “I like to use scriptures best of all. That way I am not infringing on another’s rights and I am teaching,” Pam stated.