P1010005BRANTLEY, Ala (BNc) — William (Bill) Davis, who was in Pentecostalism over 50 years of his life, and a third generation Pentecostal, spoke at the Sasser Church of Christ, Brantley, AL Sunday evening, May 18.

Members and visitors were riveted in their seats as they listened to Davis recap his life story of how he studied his way to the truth of the gospel.

At the age of 20, Davis believed he was “called” into the ministry and started preaching. He eventually ended up in the Assemblies of God where he was a licensed preacher for 27 years.

Davis said he knew, believed and understood that the Bible was/is the word of God, and we needed to read it and follow it. For some time he recognized certain problems and inconsistencies within the Pentecostal church. Though difficult to overcome at first, he continued to discover bits and pieces of truth. Always wanting to be right with God, he asked himself, “Where can I find a church that teaches the Bible?” Knowing “the Bible only makes Christians only,” he went way back in his mind and recalled a little church of which he had heard,  and he started searching.

Bill Davis had seen Ken Burleson’s worship service on a Pensacola, FL television station, and had been impressed with it. He called and made an appointment to talk with Burleson. He had questions to which he wanted Bible answers. Davis found the answers and enrolled in the Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies. He and his wife, Debra, were baptized into Christ in 2009.

Bill’s complete lesson in audio may be accessed at this link on Forthright Press.

Bill Davis has written a detailed account of his life and how he studied to learn the truth, sought to find the church, and then made the change from Pentecostalism to being a Christian. The PDF article can be downloaded here. For further information Bill Davis may be contacted by email.

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  1. I am glad that BIll finally obeyed the truth as I did 22 years ago … I was Charismatic Pentecostal Church member but had no Charisma. I thank those brothers who opened my eyes of understanding that made me Christian only … I declare the truth in the midst of people wherever I go. I like this page and want to print on my Face book page that my old friends may have opportunity to see the reason. Shanti

  2. I am so happy to see these accounts, because that means there are still honest hearts that are searching. I am so happy for these two gentlemen and the lady, too, and say Godspeed; and if we never meet here, we will meet on the other side! To God be the Glory!

  3. Every Christian has an obligation to study what the Bible teaches. Schools of theology are almost always wrong on some issues. When leaving school let only the Bible be your guide not what you may have been taught. Advice for every gospel preacher.

  4. I believe you brother Lloyd Gale. most schools teach the conviction of the teachers which is very far way from what the Bible presents. The Bible Only makes Christians. Not what we use to believe or what we have always believed. I am fighting with many preachers who have refused to understand that Jesus did not give us His literal Blood and body to eat and drink during the supper because of their lack of understanding what the Bible is teaching on that subject.