student1PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria, (BNc) by Amadi Jude It all began as a dream in the year 2007 when the Lord led the heart of Brother UChenna F. Bekee to begin a work that has resulted in six years of graduating students from the Hidden Treasures Christian School.

July 27 was another memorable day for the teachers, staff and pupils who had wended their way through rough roads, hard times, and oppositions from the government to arrive at a day of graduation and prizes.

The pupils who graduated showed by their performance that they were taught well and worthy of their promotions and prizes. The teachers, on their part, deserved to be congratulated for the devotion to duty which brought these kids this far in life.

That the students are moving to new classes in the next academic section, which began on September 16, is something that Hidden Treasures is thankful for. We know that the parents of the children were happy to see the great impact that the school has had on their children. The focus to build a Christian education can be boldly seen in these young graduates.

The Hidden Treasures Christian School had 56 children graduating to different classes. We also had the honor of giving several prizes to students and pupils who had proven themselves in various categories.

Hidden Treasures will continue to do its best in reaching out to the poor and helping kids grow in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. This past academic session, two orphans in the Junior High school and three in Senior High were baptized into Christ.

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