CLARKSVILLE, Tn (BNc) — Carl S. Sims, Clarksville, TN, has written his own Bible study materials and unveiled them this week. Sowing the Seed materials and seminars are now available.

Sims has taught the Open Bible Study for 26 years. Baptisms, as a result of his daily Bible studies, are too many to mention. Sims stated, “It just became part of me.”

For about 20 years, Carl Sims has read through the New Testament one to two times each month. His Bible knowledge and ideas, along with encouragement from family and friends, motivated him to venture out with his own Carl S. Simsmaterials.

Sowing the Seed Seminars are now being scheduled. When asked about the charge, Carl Sims said, “I do the seminars just like the gospel meetings. I never ask to be paid for something so precious. I have done some free, and other larger congregations have paid me. I will charge for the Sowing the Seed material.” Sowing the Seed study materials can be purchased at a minimal charge, and seminars arranged, by contacting Sims at carlssims@gmail.com or www.sowingtheseedministry.com.