OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. (BNc) — The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) channel announced that it has been rated in the top 10 by Roku users.

With the hundreds of Roku channels available, the ranking is a great honor. It shows that those who have subscribed to the channel have enjoyed what they have seen on the network. GBN extended a special thank you to all its viewers for their support.
The Roku is a device that connects television to the internet to receive programming. A high-speed internet connection allows you to get the GBN channel very inexpensively. These devices can be purchased for around $50-$100 at stores like WalMart, Best Buy and Radio Shack, as well as online. There is no ongoing monthly cost to watch GBN on the Roku. Further information can be found on the GBN website.

The high user satisfaction with the GBN channel confirms the validity of the strategy of GBN to deliver sound Gospel programming on as many different devices as possible. The devices currently include not only the Roku, but also the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. While GBN is strongly committed to further expanding the number of cable systems carrying its channel, the utilization of these new devices has helped to further its reach throughout the world.

From a stewardship perspective, the utilization of the Roku and other devices have been fantastic for GBN. In addition to being a very inexpensive and convenient way to provide their programming, the reach of these devices is truly global. GBN programming is being watched in at least 50 different countries, with China and Saudi Arabia in the top 5 countries for total viewership. It is often very difficult, in these two countries especially, to get the Gospel message into the country, but GBN is able to do it very inexpensively.

Last week, GBN announced the purchase of its new building in Olive Branch, Miss. In conjunction with the purchase, an anonymous contributor has agreed to match donations over $500 through the end of 2012 (up to a maximum of $150,000). God has greatly blessed the work at GBN, and to Him be the glory.