by Glenda Williams

KAZAN, Russia (BNc) — More than 30 preachers and ministers from more than 15 locations in Russia participated in a 3-day conference for preachers in the Deryshki hotel, October 26-29, in the suburb of Kazan, Russia.

“Churches of Christ in Russia today – Overcoming challenges and keeping the faith,” was the conference name.  This was the fifth seminar held within the past five years and was the largest.

Each day of the seminar was filled with six lectures and much fellowship.  The participants shared their experiences, searched for answers to arising questions, and discussed the doctrinal issues relating to their faith as Christians.

Charles Williams, long-time missionary to Russia and minister of the New Union church, Manchester, TN, was the keynote speaker, answering the attendees questions from the Bible and pointing out errors that had crept into some of the churches. Other speakers were: Andrey Sklyarov, director of the Barnaul School of Preaching, Oleg Yakimenko, and Mikhail Karlinsky.  Dmitry Novozhenov, current preacher in Kazan, Alexei Pshenichnikov (Alex Wheaton), and Gennady Shcherbakov, elder from Syktyvkar, took a special part in preparation and participation in the seminar as well as speaking.

The conference was held to encourage, enlighten, and strengthen the preachers as they teach the church in different locations of Russia.