Gospel growing in controlled Myanmar

NOTE: After giving permission to reproduce the report on BNc, the author requested that his name be removed. MYANMAR (BNc) -- Living in Myanmar has been a real experience so far. Spiders as big as your fist in the kitchen, poison snakes on the back porch and government monitors watching and reporting our every move. … Continue reading Gospel growing in controlled Myanmar

Family rejects new convert

by Greg Hamlin, Director, International Bible Institute of Siem Reap, Cambodia We baptized another young lady today, Sopen. When she started coming to worship, her family objected then they locked her in her room to prevent her from coming. She still never missed. Finally, she climbed thru a window and left home. She came to … Continue reading Family rejects new convert

From all over

Evangelism, benevolence, missions and university news from all points of the compass. # Kyle and Melissa Vath have decided to return to the U.S. Jan. 6, 2009, after their one-year commitment at the Chimala Mission Hospital in Tanzania. "This has been one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make. We love … Continue reading From all over

New Cambodian churches form

(BNc)- A second congregation has been formed in Cambodia in as many months from radio programs sponsored by World Radio and Key to the Kingdom. The first village was Tool Trail. Now a second village, Poom Tyme, has called in about the radio program, Bill Singleton reported. Many from Poom Tyme have been baptized and … Continue reading New Cambodian churches form

300 Christian Ladies Meet in Cambodia

by William McDonough PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (BNc)- Three hundred ladies from numerous congregations in Central Cambodia met March 8 for a full day of fellowship and Bible lessons. The day, "International Day of Women," is a national holiday. The event was held in a village about 60 miles from the capital. Planned by Marie-Claire McDonough, … Continue reading 300 Christian Ladies Meet in Cambodia

Hamlins Study Khmer, Teach, Train

by Greg Hamlin Note: Following is the Hamlins report for February; Greg and Sheila arrived in Cambodia in 2007. SIEM REAP, Cambodia (BNc)- We baptized five souls in February; four are women from the village about an hour from us and the fifth is our house assistant whom we first met when he worked in … Continue reading Hamlins Study Khmer, Teach, Train

BVBI Researches Bangladesh, Cambodia

By Neal Pollard DENVER, Colo. (Special to BNc)- On January 23, Ralph Williams, Bear Valley Bible Institute Coordinator Of Works In Asia And Africa, and I left to investigate the possibility of establishing an extension at some point in Bandarban, Bangladesh. We also went to have the opportunity to study with men from three different … Continue reading BVBI Researches Bangladesh, Cambodia