(BNc)- A second congregation has been formed in Cambodia in as many months from radio programs sponsored by World Radio and Key to the Kingdom.

The first village was Tool Trail. Now a second village, Poom Tyme, has called in about the radio program, Bill Singleton reported.

Many from Poom Tyme have been baptized and Christ has another congregation added to his universal church.

A third village has also made early inquiries and may follow the same route.

“Thank God for the increase and continue to rejoice in what he has and is providing,” Bill wrote in an email Aug. 15.

Hang Seng, the speaker for the radio programs, is doing a good job in lesson preparation and presentation, he said.

Bill also mentioned that the Hughson, Calif., congregation which sponsors his work has lost its eldership through death and age-related infirmities.

He is talking with the Melrose, N.M., congregation about assuming those responsibilities.

“We are blessed by the existence of so many fine congregations and qualified elderships in the U.S. We are also encouraged by Bible-qualified leaders and their willingness to serve. Our work with the Hughson leadership has greatly blessed and enriched our life. We look forward to a continued but slightly different friendship and partnership with the Melrose congregation. Gary Dee, Arvil House and George House were some of the greatest elders I have known,” he wrote.