NOTE: After giving permission to reproduce the report on BNc, the author requested that his name be removed.

MYANMAR (BNc) — Living in Myanmar has been a real experience so far. Spiders as big as your fist in the kitchen, poison snakes on the back porch and government monitors watching and reporting our every move. Telephone and all email communications are monitored by Big Brother and the list goes on and on.

Twenty or 30 truckloads of riot police roam the city putting down demonstrations and showing force to intimidate the opposition party. Much like pre-1989 Eastern Europe, except they are not communist and allow free enterprise.

For these reasons our email reports will be much less frequent and sent only when we get outside the country, like now while we are back in Cambodia on the Ship of Life.

The church is growing, and because of the government restrictions on us, local Christians must be the ones doing all the public work.

Our job is training, advising and encouraging. We have daily contact with the Christians and spend lots of time advising and helping them work through situations. They understand how to work with the restrictions the government has placed on them and just need to be encouraged.

They requested a weekly meeting of two to three hours to discuss Bible questions they have, and we are meeting each Saturday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for that purpose.

Their questions show their strong desire to grow and that they are evangelizing among their friends because that is where most of the questions are coming from.

Their love for singing is unique. They want to learn every song they ever heard or saw and have two or three hours singing practice every week.

At their request we have been able to help them learn many new songs and have asked brother and sister Claude Lewis, who have been here several times, to get their family to make a recording of the songs that the Burmese can sing along with.

Wes and Glena Harrison passed through on their way to Mandalay, where they work a month each summer with a congregation up there. They are long-time friends and co-workers from our days together in Germany, so the reunion was sweet, though brief.

The relief work in the Delta continues to go forward. Deliveries to those who lost everything continue to nine villages, and people are coming to the Lord. We are planning a September effort to bring the newly converted men together for a week of intensive Bible study as we help them plant new churches in the cyclone Nargis-devastated region.

We believe the future in Myanmar is very bright and tankful God is allowing us to help shape it.

CAMBODIA. We were greeted with the baptism of four on our first day back in Cambodia. We will  start a new intern program next week to bring preacher students from the Sunset Bible school in Phnom Penh on board ship and train them in village evangelism for the next two months while we are on board. This is something we have desired for a long time and it is finally coming to fruition.

None of these things would be possible without your partnership. You provide the prayer, the concern and the finances and we provide the hands on labor.

May God bless you for your love for the lost and suffering of this world and for your willingness to form this partnership with us to proclaim the Word in Asia where 63% of the worlds population resides, mostly without having ever heard the name of Jesus.