Fire on an Oil Rig

Submitted by George Merritt TROY, Alabama (BNc) -- Ben McAlister is a Christian known and respected by his brethren throughout several counties in Southeast Alabama. He recently sat down with George and Wanda Merritt at a restaurant in Troy, anxious to share his good news. For some time, his livelihood has come via working on … Continue reading Fire on an Oil Rig

Preacher’s Files Lectures Go to Missouri

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (BNc)- The third annual Preacher's Files Lectureship goes to St. Joseph, Mo., July 25-27, to study the theme "God vs. the World," announced organizer Travis Main yesterday. The members of the Preacher's Files Bible Study Forum attend the annual event, open to the public. It provides fellowship and study opportunities for participants. … Continue reading Preacher’s Files Lectures Go to Missouri