Gun-control or self-control? ‘More laws may not have the intended effect’

gun-controlNASHVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) by Hugh Fulford — People are up in arms over guns. The rash of shootings and mass killings in America has made gun control a hot button issue.

The US president has appointed a special commission headed by Vice-President Joe Biden to allegedly look into the situation from all angles, with input from a wide range of constituents representing different interests and opinions about the matter. Personally, I am not sure just why the president has appointed the commission since all indicators point to his having already made up his mind as to which side of the question he intends to come down on. Continue reading

Paraguay missionaries concerned for safety

Troy and Andrea SpradlinASUNCION, Paraguay (BNc) — Missionary couple Troy and Andrea Spradlin have expressed concern for the safety of the church in the capital, as the political situation deteriorates and opposing forces set to clash.

Leftist President Fernando Lugo has gone into hiding after Congress determined Thursday to impeach him. The proceedings are set to commence today.

Andrea wrote about their situation, Continue reading