Troy and Andrea SpradlinASUNCION, Paraguay (BNc) — Missionary couple Troy and Andrea Spradlin have expressed concern for the safety of the church in the capital, as the political situation deteriorates and opposing forces set to clash.

Leftist President Fernando Lugo has gone into hiding after Congress determined Thursday to impeach him. The proceedings are set to commence today.

Andrea wrote about their situation,

The campesinos are coming in from outside the city, some for him, some against. Whatever the decision is, they expect a lot of violence. The other danger is that all the police attention is diverted downtown, which means no police presence anywhere else in the city. Opportunists are expected to take advantage of that situation. Everyone is being told to stay in their houses. I’ve heard that businesses are boarding up and schools are shutting down. Our home is very secure and Troy has told me not to leave the house.

Troy in the meantime has gone to Panama on a mission trip and expressed concern about leaving Andrea.

Her concern is for others nearer to the seat of government. “We have members and I have other friends all over the city, some downtown where the action will be. One of my friends owns a business just a couple of blocks from the Palace. It is everyone else I’m concerned about and praying for.”