Spradlins depart today for Paraguay mission

ASUNCION, Paraguay (BNc) -- Troy and Andrea Spradlin embark today on their flight to a long-term missions commitment in this South American nation. Graduates of the Southwest School of Bible Studies, in Austin, Tex., the Spradlins are overseen by the Margaret Street congregation in Milton, Fla. Troy began chronicling their move and his reactions Jan. … Continue reading Spradlins depart today for Paraguay mission

FHU team considers Scotland

by Jon Galloway EAST KILBRIDE, Scotland (BNc) -- Five young Christians in the process of forming a mission team visited Scotland in March. The team plans to begin a new work. They are very interested in coming to Scotland, so we spent a week showing them areas where new congregations are needed, primarily in the … Continue reading FHU team considers Scotland