Troy and Andrea SpradlinASUNCION, Paraguay (BNc) — Troy and Andrea Spradlin embark today on their flight to a long-term missions commitment in this South American nation.

Graduates of the Southwest School of Bible Studies, in Austin, Tex., the Spradlins are overseen by the Margaret Street congregation in Milton, Fla.

Troy began chronicling their move and his reactions Jan. 25 in “Culture Shock Chronicles,” on The Fellowship Room website.

In one of his chronicles, Troy attributed to the providence of God their readiness to begin the work. “… we have hit every one of our targets and met all the goals we set out to achieve. We are fully funded and have completed all the preparation that we possibly could,” he said.

Mission team members already working with the Sacramento church in the capital are completing their commitments. The Spradlins and Josh Blackmer families will replace the returning workers and continue reaching out to the city and region, according to the website Paraguay Mission.

SWSBS instructor Kevin Cauley told BNc, “Having known Troy as a student, I can say that he is a conscientious and hard-working Christian.  He knows how to be the kind of leader the church needs today.  He and his wife Andrea always displayed a can-do attitude.  The Lord’s church in Paraguay will benefit from Troy and Andrea’s efforts there.”

“Lots of emotions are tumbling around inside as we are dealing with the anticipation of leaving Friday, sadness from all the farewells and well-wishes, to the stress of finishing up a few final details for our departure,” Troy wrote Tuesday on their weblog, The Spradlin Summary.