Christians react to Newtown, Connecticut, shooting

Christian in crisis(BNc) — Without judging the pronouncements that poured forth yesterday afternoon, silence seemed our best approach in the aftermath of the murders of 26 people, 20 of them small children, in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We have seen such horrors repeatedly, and news of them do not cease to revolt and distress us. On the contrary, with each one, the feelings deepen at seeing such human depravity. Only later will we find our voice.

But each one has his own way of dealing with such devastating news. In the hours following the shooting, several approaches and reactions to the massacre were noted. All of them, in their way, are valid, and many expressed several of these simultaneously. Continue reading “Christians react to Newtown, Connecticut, shooting”

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Warren Center facility to rise soon

by John Henson, preacher for the Grand Blanc congregation in Michigan

VIENNA, WVa., (BNC) — A new apologetics center dedicated to the defense and teaching of the existence of God may be opening its new facility soon.

The Warren Christian Apologetics Center has purchased land and is set to begin construction soon on a 7,200 sq. ft. building which will include a library, 290-seat auditorium, classrooms and offices, according to Dick Sztanyo, minister of the Pelham, Ala., Church of Christ. Sztanyo is assisting the founders, Charles Pugh, W. Terry Varner and Thomas Bart Warren in the project. The Vienna, WV facility will be completed in the spring of 2011. Continue reading “Warren Center facility to rise soon”

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