Gospel growing in controlled Myanmar

NOTE: After giving permission to reproduce the report on BNc, the author requested that his name be removed. MYANMAR (BNc) -- Living in Myanmar has been a real experience so far. Spiders as big as your fist in the kitchen, poison snakes on the back porch and government monitors watching and reporting our every move. … Continue reading Gospel growing in controlled Myanmar

Myanmar and Thailand get aid, teaching

By Roy Davison YANGON, Myanmar (BNc)- Two American brothers have gone to this country stricken by typhoon for relief work and Bible teaching. Daniel Hamm, who has served as a missionary in northeast Thailand, and James Mack, preacher with the Taylor Street congregation in Kenton, Tenn., arrived in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), July 30 for typhoon … Continue reading Myanmar and Thailand get aid, teaching

Myanmar Relief Under the Radar

YANGOON, Myanmar (BNc)- A number of brethren are helping and are even on the ground in Myanar to help with relief efforts after the cyclone has devastated the country. BNc is aware of a number of brethren who have gone to Myanmar, but their names are being withheld because of the sensitive political situation. One … Continue reading Myanmar Relief Under the Radar

Myanmar Christians Alive, Suffering

Myanmar (BNc)- After the cyclone that killed more than 78,000 people, churches have reported no deaths, but described the suffering of the population. Christians in the city of Yangar are safe, but are "reeling," said Bill McDonough, international director of Partners in Progress. He wrote that they "need food and water and their homes were … Continue reading Myanmar Christians Alive, Suffering