Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (BNC) by Timothy D. Hall — Passing big rigs on Interstate highways is a common phenomenon. There are so many of those vehicles, you can’t drive ten miles without seeing several. Rarely do I notice the one who is driving the truck; even if I tried, they sit so much higher in the cab I don’t believe I’d be able to see them.

Had I made the effort to see the driver of the 18-wheeler rolling down I-25 in Colorado last week, I would have failed. There wasn’t a driver. For 120 miles, this rig, loaded with cases of beer, navigated traffic, curves, and hills with no one behind the steering wheel. There was a human on board, but his job was merely to monitor; he did nothing to steer, brake, or accelerate. Reportedly the trip was completed without a hitch. Continue reading “Driverless truck goes 120 miles. No life should go without God as pilot.”

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