Church turns out the building lights to shine in community

Lights-Out program

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNc) — Get out of the building and do something for Christ! That’s the sentiment of the Somers Avenue congregation’s “Light’s Out” program announced for Dec. 30.

In the church’s bulletin, “The Observer,” for Dec. 2, came this announcement:

The building will be dark at 5 o’clock, Sunday evening, December 30th. Pews will be empty and the lights will be out. The electric lights will be off, but our lights will be “out” shining in the community. We anticipate another faith-building, enriching afternoon which will involve more than 150 members singing at nursing homes, baking cookies, writing cards, delivering cookies and cards to fire and police stations and hospitals, visiting other members, and prayer warriors intensely praying for this good work. Mark you calendars and make your plans for “Lights Out!” on the 30th.

Sean Ashberry, who works in preaching and member involvement with the congregation, kindly replied to BNc to explain further the Lights-Out approach. He tells in his words. Continue reading “Church turns out the building lights to shine in community”

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