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Intruder invades evangelist’s home, attacks with knife

A Brazilian evangelist was attacked as he prepared his Sunday lesson at his dining room table.

Fist fight between women interrupts church during Lord’s supper

Missionary Nick Fowler tells what happened outside the church meeting place on the morning of Oct. 12.

Church takes charge of online presence, provides service to foreigners

After unhelpful results with online church directories, the church in this large Brazilian city took matters into its own hands.

Before baptism, Raimunda removes image from necklace

Isn’t this what repentance is about, leaving former allegiances behind?

Government gives church use of Urban Social Center, permission to build baptistery

A Salvador, Brazil, church is given use of a community center for its meetings.

‘Everyone was blown away’: Small church gives away accumulated offerings to 10 worthy efforts

A small church decides to share its blessings with others.

‘He didn’t need to study theology’: Brother baptizes brother

A Christian man teaches and baptizes his physical brother.

Christians evangelize on Rio sidewalks with signs challenging denominations

“Who is the owner of your church?” asks one of several signs.

Denominations influenced by gospel teaching change practice of Lord’s supper

With this influence missionary wonders if denominations might obey gospel truth.

Missionary takes a licking two days in a row, on third day he licks

Brazil missionary Jeremy Newlin has a rough start to his week.

Brazilian Christian translator celebrates 13 years with monthly biblical magazine

Solange Soares has translated an issue per month without interruption.

Prisoners hear the gospel in Brazil through Bible correspondence courses

State prison inmates hear the gospel through correspondence courses.

20 Brazilians commit to mission call during leadership event

A leadership training event inspires more than 20 to encourage missions in northeast Brazil.

‘Rejected by all, we embraced him, and love touched his heart’

He wanted to study the Bible and found love, acceptance, and concern.

‘Hangin’ out’ with the Jenkins Institute: 2nd edition with BNc editor Randal Matheny

Dale and Jeff Jenkins chat with BNc editor Randal Matheny.

Brazil women face fears, strengthen faith in national event

The 33rd annual women’s congress was a success.

Couple put on Christ in baptism at marriage retreat

JUNDIAI, Brazil (BNc) — A couple who attended a retreat on how to relate better in marriage decided they had better relate to Christ. Marco Aurelio e Adriana requested baptism after a class by evangelist Marcelo Gonçalves at the retreat… Continue Reading →

At BrazilKids home, October is favorite month

A children’s home ministry in Brazil enjoys special attention during Children’s Day.

Baptisms in agitated surf firstfruits of new effort

Have an interesting story about a baptism? Here’s one.

Brazil: 3 baptized, 8 request baptism through ‘School of the Bible’ evangelism

Public evangelism in Jundiaí, Brazil, bears fruit.

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