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Ten thousand Bibles ordered for Guyana

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

SUMMERDALE, Ala (BNc) – Jerry O. Davidson, missionary to the Amerindians in Guyana, reports placing an order for 10,000 Award Bibles from P & D Bookstore, Rock Hill, S.C. at cost with free shipping. In addition, he ordered 500 giant print Bibles which will be given to new converts.

Davidson said while in Guyana on a mission trip, Lloyd Beard gave a 66 year-old man a Bible. The man said, “This is the first time I have ever held a Bible in my hands.” The motto of the Amerindian Mission effort is, “The  Lord’s church in every village, and a Bible in every hut.”

When the Bibles arrive at the Summerdale church of Christ, Summerdale, AL, the plan of salvation will be inserted inside the cover along with contact information for the churches of Christ. They will then be shipped to Guyana, to be used as mass distribution Bibles each time the mission team goes to Guyana. A Bible will be given to everyone who wants one.

Anyone desiring to help give Bibles to these remote areas may contact Jerry Davidson at 251-510-9350 or davidsonjo@aol.com. For more information, please visit  www.amerindianmissions.com.

10,000 New Testaments printed for evangelism

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) – Missionary Jim Waldron has printed 10,000 New Testaments for free distribution as an evangelistic tool.

Ten thousand copies of the New Testament in the New King James Version have been printed in South India at a cost of only sixty cents each, he wrote in his Bulletin Briefs in Sept.

In spite of the low price, the little Testament (3.9″ x 5.4″) is well made, being stitched at the spine with perfect binding. It is in clear type on good quality paper. Read more