Baptism in Zagreb

ZAGREB, Croatia (BNc) -- Damir was baptized into Christ on Thursday, Jan. 22. His three teenage children found the church several years ago and were enthusiastic. Their parents, Damir and Adrijana, became regular participants in church retreats and camps. From time to time they would attend worship services on Sunday. Their interest grew to the … Continue reading Baptism in Zagreb

New Christian slapped as first test of conversion

by Joseph McKinney, Jr. JOAO PESSOA, Brazil (BNc) -- When Fernanda said that she wanted to be baptized, we held our breath because, in these nine months, we had come to know this young lady to be hard-headed, strong-willed, explosive, fiercely contentious. She never measured her words or tone of voice when provoked by a … Continue reading New Christian slapped as first test of conversion

Seven Complete Course, One Baptized

By Joseph C. McKinney, Jr. CAJAZEIRAS, BRAZIL (BNc)- Seven people received certificates for completing the course, "How to Become a Christian." But one young lady received even more when she decided that just knowing how to become a Christian wasn't enough. Raquel is her name and Helder Sales baptized her into Christ. May God strengthen … Continue reading Seven Complete Course, One Baptized