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Kids! If the Bible is our sword …

This little warrior knows the right questions to ask.


Facebook censors biblical posts against homosexuality

Facebook forced two brothers to remove posts critical of homosexuality.


‘Just one of them things.’ A phrase for good and bad, and death

Sister Norma lived and died by this good phrase.

faith in the workplace

Saints learn to integrate faith and work

Albania congregation refuses to leave faith out of workplace.


‘I watched your hands today:’ Minister sits with mother in hospital

Jerry Elder sees love and lots of memories in mother’s hands.


Minister finds reasons to praise God on first Sunday in new building

The best of all: one baptism and one restoration.

Cecil May health update

by Glenda Williams, BNC correspondent Montgomery, Ala (BNc) — Cecil May, well-known and loved by many, recently broke his hip after falling in his apartment in Montgomery. After…


Community church drummer finds salvation: Watch ‘Why Jon Left’

Watch Jon Pursley tell how he found the truth and why he left his community church.


Baptism in a barrel: Where there’s a will …

What to do when the area has no running water?


Battle for the sexes: American women in combat

Why should women not serve in combat on the battlefield?

Evangelist Miro teaches members of denomination with DVD course.

Evangelist teaches Bible course to denominational members

Evangelist uses a DVD Bible course to teach the Way more perfectly.


Preaching school starts in the Philippines

New school serves growth of churches in neglected area of Philippines.


Warren Center announces 40th-year celebration of key debate on existence of God

Why was this debate so important?


Friend Day in northeastern Brazil pulls in 30 non-Christian visitors

After a trial run, this congregation’s effort paid off.

hospital ministry

What I learned in a hospital room

Alabama minister: “The hospital teaches us what’s most important.”


The smoking rostrum

This preacher’s in-pulpit experience has the congregation asking what he’s smoking.


‘The Force was strong, but God is omnipotent’

Television speaker reacts to new “Star Wars” movie.


150 Attend Four Seas Lectureship

  SINGAPORE (BNc) — From 25 to 28 November 2015 more than 150 attended the 8th annual Four Seas Lectureship of the Four Seas College of Bible and Missions….

View from CTTS building

Christians lose belongings in flood

CHENNAI, India (BNC) —  Many area Christians have lost all their belongings, but thankfully no deaths have been reported among brethren. 


Giving 99% — a gift larger than Zuckerberg’s

Writer remembers a gift greater than the Facebook billionaire.