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Whatever the church does to edify the saints.

The church on Monday

We know about the church on Sunday, but what about on Monday?

TV host on open letter about racism: ‘Merciless pointing of fingers’

“In Search of Truth” TV speaker Phil Sanders upbraids progressives for broad brush and finger-pointing.

Young Christian gets good advice on how to resist sexual temptation

A gospel preacher gives wise counsel to a young Christian.

Heritage Christian chooses semester theme: ‘Be transformed’

College training isn’t mere intellectual exercise.

North-Central Ohio Lectureship counts cost of discipleship

The theme: “Have You Counted the Cost?”

Beautiful day for the graduating class at Freed Hardeman University

Student remembers college life at Freed-Hardeman University.

Dedicated to God and Learning

CHENNAI, India (BNC) — The R. Sevya Nayak family are dedicated to the Lord and to learning. The four children are all first in their class at school. Like most children in India, they sit on the floor to study…. Continue Reading →

Kids! If the Bible is our sword …

This little warrior knows the right questions to ask.

Saints learn to integrate faith and work

Albania congregation refuses to leave faith out of workplace.

Preaching school starts in the Philippines

New school serves growth of churches in neglected area of Philippines.

150 Attend Four Seas Lectureship

  SINGAPORE (BNc) — From 25 to 28 November 2015 more than 150 attended the 8th annual Four Seas Lectureship of the Four Seas College of Bible and Missions. Those present on the last day are pictured above. Lectures were held… Continue Reading →

CTTS building surrounded by flood water

Christian training school planned ahead, suffers inconvenience.

Swiss Christian teens meet with Paris youth

Missionary Doyle Kee mentions gesture of local teens.

Composer releases two new spiritual songs in video format

The church is edified by new songs of praise and edification.

Young evangelist teaches Indians, Filipinos agricultural self-support

23-year-old graduate in agriculture teaches nationals to be self-supporting.

‘Lessons biblical and practical:’ Red River Encampment gathers 1700

Take a break from the summer heat.

‘They had no idea what it would become:’ A short history of Polishing the Pulpit

Jeffrey Archey tells the story.

Against coarse secular speech, saints recommend different tone

Several writers go for Christian contrast to society.

Doubts focus on God’s faithfulness or love, writer says in series

Michigan writer clears up doubt with Bible examples.

‘The Truth About’ series launches video on same-sex marriage

WVBS releases new teaching video by Don Blackwell.

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