JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNC) — House to House ministry has joined with a number of brotherhood efforts to encourage the First Annual Brotherhood-Wide Door-Knocking Day, scheduled for Oct. 5. All ministries pledged to post information on their websites and social media outlets on Aug. 5.

Congregations are being encouraged to participate in order to intensify evangelistic efforts. Many congregations are in need of such an effort.

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Good morning, brothers and sisters! We want to invite you to participate in an exciting event. On October 5, 2019, we will join with hundreds of congregations of the church of Christ and dozens of brotherhood works for the First Annual Brotherhood-Wide Door Knocking Day. Our goal is to have at least 200 churches of Christ going into their communities on the same day.

You’ve read Brotherhood News and Forthright Press materials, and you’ve shared them with your friends and family. Will you join us in taking those gospel truths to your neighbors? You can go empty handed, or you can take them some of the great resources your congregation already has on hand, or you can order our book, What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Sign up for free at nextdoor.housetohouse.com to join hundreds of sister congregations. When you sign up you will receive door knocking tips and videos to help you get excited, encouraged, and prepared. Signing up will also let us know how many churches are participating so that we can all encourage each other.

The world starts next door. Let’s go meet our neighbors.