CHILLICOTHE, Oh. (BNC) by Ron Thomas — David Lipscomb University, in their online student publication, “Lumination Network,” had an article “in recognition of National Coming Out Day.” Reflect on this for just a moment — a Christian university that supposedly stands for the moral foundations of the Lord allows students to come out in support of “National Coming Out Day”, an effort to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

Is this acceptance of the behavior? It appears to be exactly that. It is reported this is “about freedom to be who you are” on this Nashville campus. Student Aria Bartley said, “There’s a difference between acceptance and supporting, and although not everyone is going to be supportive, this is about learning to accept everyone for who they are.”

Apparently, she does not realize what she is saying. The behavior of the transgender and homosexual community – does the Lord support and accept them? Consider Rom. 1:26-27, ASV:

For this cause God gave them up unto vile passions: for their women changed the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working unseemliness, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was due.

One can’t read the above passage and conclude the Lord accepts and supports the behavioral lifestyle. One can’t accept it unless their thinking is clouded with the ways of the world.

Perhaps those who came out to support the LGBT day simply wanted to educate others, at least this is what was said: “The students had conversations with the student body and sought to educate outsiders on what it means to be a part of the LGBT community to anybody who stopped by the community gathering around the Bison.”

I am curious about what would be said. Would the education be with regard to what the Lord teaches, or would it be the desires of a secular, progressive and atheistic world? I suspect the latter. That will be too bad for those who accept and support people who live contrary to the Lord’s will. His standard of holiness will not be compromised by any without there being accountability on the ultimate “coming out” day, otherwise known as Judgment Day.

What a sad day when the Lipscomb handbook speaks about standing up for “biblical standards of sexual morality” but then has a staff member, Dr. Paul Prill, as an unofficial advocate for the community as they “come out”.

Those who struggle with the immoral behavior need support and education to change their way of thinking from the ways of this world to the ways of the Lord. There are a great many people in this world who would willingly support and help those who bend their knees before the Lord and ask to be forgiven. Jesus said to all, “Come unto me … take my yoke … my burden is light.”

The Lord’s burden is much lighter to carry than one’s own.

Ron works with the Sunrush congregation in Chillicothe, Oh., where he also serves as an elder.



  1. Well written article!
    I addressed this and the “Christian Chronicle” article this past Sunday.

  2. And preachers in our brotherhood also have come out in support of the legality of “gay marriage”. They claim to reject it morally but support the legal right to marry a person of the same sex in this country. No consistency and no boldness to stand against what God opposes. Very sad!

  3. I have always disagreed with their view of baptism being a ritual, effective even if the candidate lacks faith or understanding of what baptism means.

    1. I am wondering why you say they view baptism as a ritual, with no faith or understanding required. I’ve been a member of the church of Christ for over 50 years, in churches all over the country, and knowing hundreds of Lipscomb students and teachers, and I’ve never heard that view expressed. Indeed, I’ve always been taught what Peter said, that there is no power in the water, but in “the answer of a clear conscience before God.”

  4. If Muslims become the majority, as is the case now with nonChristians, who will control the government? We will still be surrounded and called to love. How can you fight an 800 pound gorilla?

  5. Lipscomb is my alma mater. When I was there during the early-mid 1980’s, things were turning toward a more liberal direction.Especially with regard to fellowship with denominations. Dr. Paul Prill was there at that time and I had him for one class. He said things at times that were of a very liberal slant. And eventually the more solid Bible teachers passed away and others were replaced with some who were not even members of the Lord’s church. This recent development is not in the least surprising. I tell people I attended David Lipscomb College, not University.

    1. So sad. I remember when Lipscomb was so conservative that students (boys with girls), weren’t even allowed to hold hands on campus.

  6. We must know and follow the simple gospel. All other doctrines are perversions.Galatians 1:6-12

  7. I would suggest you read the book “Likes Girls, Loves God” by Sally Gary. Sally is the founder and director of Centerpeace. A ministry in Dallas that is reaching out to the LGBTQ community. I have known Sally for 4 years and she has spoken at the Ohio Valley College Lectureship. Her ministry is powerful and her heart belongs to God.

  8. What a terrible, short sighted article. Fake news permeates everywhere I suppose. So there is this wonderful thing called “freedom of the press” in the United States Constitution. The artcile you referenced was written by one student. You have taken this and warped it into the University being in total support of the LGBTQ community. This kind of stuff has to stop. You can’t seriously consider yourself well versed enough on a topic when you’re living in Brazil, and your only knowledge of the situation comes from one article written by a student. WWJD? Well, I can guarantee you Jesus wouldn’t be writing snap judgement based articles based on a situation he hardly knows anything about.

  9. You criticize because you don’t write what was written. Let’s consider what you have said in criticism of me. You say the article is short sighted; that means it missed the mark. Perhaps you can tell me what the bullseye is. It appears you think it is freedom of the press, but I have said nothing regarding freedom of the press, for or against. You missed the mark. You accuse me of saying the University is in full support, but there is nothing in what I wrote to say that. Read it again. You missed the mark. What I said was regarding a professor in an unofficial position. Moreover, is the on-line publication associated with DLU? If it is, should DLU have prevented the publication because it goes against the standards of the University? For that matter, should DLU have prevented the actions on campus to take place because it goes contrary to the biblical standards of morality? Perhaps you think it’s okay because it only the action of one student, perhaps the actions of many students. What if the action of one student was an action of pedophilia, should the University stepped in in order to prevent association/connection to the University? I look forward to hearing you answer on this.

    Yes, it’s true universities do not support all things students do, but if there is a connection to the University via a publication like this one (“Lipscomb University’s Student News Service”), then perhaps there is more of any association than you realize, especially if the actions (not the article) was not prevented. Did the article written by the person in the on-line publication express accurately what took place? If so, why the criticism? Yes, let us consider what Jesus would do. Jesus expressed Himself clearly on the topic (perhaps you doubt this), therefore Jesus would stand expressly against the action and the support given by one or more than one. Tell me, you said you guarantee Jesus would not do a certain thing – how do you know this?

  10. David Lipscomb would never be associated with Lipscomb University. He would be shocked at what a school using his name has become. Lipscomb today is just one more secular humanist institution of progressive nonsense. Lloyd

    1. very true…. I graduated Lipscomb in 1968. BBBaxter was still there and Mack Wayne Craig. Athens Clay Pullias was school President. I liked the pacifism and only later became aware of Lipscomb’s view of baptism as ritual, valid even if the candidate does not believe or understand the meaning of baptism. This was also the view of Ketcherside and those who have led the church of Christ astray. If there is no defining moment, the good news is lost. If the wrath of God against all ungodliness is not eternal torment, what did Jesus die to save us from?