MANGALDAN, Philippines (BNC) by Jamie Suiter — Successful medical, dental, and evangelism missions were conducted by the Mangaldan church, in cooperation with Asian Christian University in the municipality, Pangasinan province, Philippines, this past October.

According to Junas Sagurit, president of Asian Christian University, on the last day 351 patients were treated (294 for a medical checkup, and 57 dental checkups).

“Let us give our thanks to God almighty for making the event a suçcess. Thanks also to our doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, Bible teachers, cooks, servers and all the brethren who served,” brother Sagurit said.

For the two days, a total of 625 patients were treated, a total of 163 Bible Studies conducted.

The total number of baptisms as a result of the event is 19 so far, but studies continue.

In the past they have had approximately 80-85 baptisms so they expect this to increase.

The Mangaldan congregation and staff at ACU are very evangelistic. Door knocking, setting up Bible studies, and men and women obeying the gospel are a regular part of campus life. From the beginning of the school 41 new congregations have been established with over 3,000 eventually putting on the Lord in baptism.

Demar Elam, Director of Mission Studies, Amridge University, and former president, founder and now chancellor of ACU, say they have been having two medical missions yearly but recently cut down to one a year.

In the past several Americans have been on the medical staff, but this year it is impressive that all the medical team and those teaching were Filipinos.

The school opened first in Sept., 2007 as the Philippine Theological College. The name changed because of the regional focus of the school beyond the Philippines and growth into a university. The hope is to prepare to serve beyond the borders of the Philippines and especially the souls in China when the doors open to evangelism.

Another unique part of the school’s function is that it is overseen by the elders of the Adairsville church of Christ in Georgia.

Two of Heritage Christian University’s professors had this to say about ACU.

“Asian Christian University is an impressive school. Since its inception, it has graduated dozens of students with the AA and BA degrees, and several students have earned their MA degree. It is the only school in the Philippines affiliated with churches of Christ that offers a master’s degree. I have taught several one-week or two-week intensive courses, and I am always impressed with how hard the students work. The president Junas Sagurit does an excellent job of steering the school so that it is both academically rigorous and doctrinally sound. It is already the leading Philippine university within churches of Christ, and it is poised to take a more prominent role in training Asian preachers for decades to come.” Edmon L. Gallagher, Associate Professor of Christian Scripture, Heritage Christian University

“I was blessed to teach intensive courses for ACU in March of 2015 and 2016.Beautiful campus, but the work and the people are more beautiful than the buildings.The preacher students are bright, polite, energetic, and evangelistic.Some of the sweetest people you could ever meet.The precious orphans who live on campus receive tremendous love and care. It’s one more impressive work.” Bill Bagents, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Heritage Christian University

For regular updates on things happening at ACU check out their website.