TAUBATÉ, Brazil (BNC) by Vicki Matheny — Are you flexible? I’m teaching a Bible class on Sunday morning in Taubaté for six-year-old Mateus Santos. He’s learning the books of the New Testament.

Mateus had forgotten to study for the class the previous week. Tears started to flow just before class when he realized he was not prepared.

Mateus Santos

Mateus Santos

When we sat down to study, our conversation started like this.

“Mateus, do you know why I want you to learn the books of the New Testament?” I asked.

“No, why?” he asked in return.

“I want you to become a warrior in God’s army. Do you what our sword is?”

“No,” he replied.

“Our sword is God’s word, the Bible. We need to know how to use our sword.”

“What is our shield?” Mateus asked.

If you are flexible, you realize that the story on Joseph you had prepared was not the most appropriate one for that moment.

I recognized a teachable moment when I saw it. Here was quality time. I had his attention.

I turned to Ephesians 6. We learned what the Christian warrior’s armor was.

I pray that Mateus will one day be that great warrior in God’s army.

He sure knows the right questions to ask.

Mateus is the son of Ricardo and Marília Santos, Christians in the Taubaté congregation. Ricardo is an Army helicopter pilot. Vicki has lived in Brazil since 1984. She is married to Randal.