TIRANA, Albania (BNC) by Bledar Valca — The congregation organized an event on the integration of faith and work Jan. 20-22.

Work plays such an important part of our lives. If we spend only 40 hours a week in work (I know very few people who do that these days), that would mean that 25% of our time is spent at work.

We can’t leave this area out of Christ’s discipleship. Many Christians would switch off God at work on Monday simply because they don’t think God fits there or they don’t know how.


Bledar Valca with family

For three nights, we had different brothers share their challenges with integrating faith and work. They shared their learning and then we had a question-and-answer session. This allowed the participants to pursue further what was said in their presentations or to ask entirely new questions.

Erik Qirjaqi, Brent Kelley and Sokol Haxhiu encouraged us greatly with their honest presentations and responses to the questions asked.