Cecil May

by Glenda Williams, BNC correspondent

Montgomery, Ala (BNc) — Cecil May, well-known and loved by many, recently broke his hip after falling in his apartment in Montgomery. After surgery and a period of recovery, he was moved to a rehab facility in the area. He has progressed nicely and expected to be going home Wednesday when Doctors said he would “walk out of there.”

Brother May sent the following update on his condition today, and is asking for prayers on his behalf.

“There has been a setback of sorts. When I was walking with my walker, I could move both feet well and seemed to be making great progress. As of Friday morning, however, my right leg–the one operated on–has quit cooperating. My brain tells my right leg to step and nothing happens. They have made x-rays, found no problem. They have scheduled an ultra-sound to check for a blood clot. Still waiting for that.”

“Don’t know where this leaves us. I will keep you posted. I appreciate your prayers. Feel free to share as appropriate.”