SALVADOR, Brazil (BNC) by Miroel Dias Franco — We met a student in the course I taught in the Pernambués School of the Bible. He is a member of the Assembly of God in Itinga and he presented me to their pastor, Arakem.

I offered to teach them a free course in the School of the Bible, called “The Eternal Purpose,” in DVD, and he was very interested.

We began Friday, Feb. 12, with a group of some 20 students. Pastor Arakem and the members of his church liked the first class.

We teach the course using the audio and the comments of narrator Alvaro Antunes. I add my own comments to each slide. This way, we develop the study further and make it more meaty and attractive.

The course has been a great blessing. I’ve used it greatly in neighborhood groups, in the School of the Bible, and in home study groups.

We’re grateful to Ellis Long and the entire team of the Brasilia church, who developed this marvelous project.

Miro is an evangelist working with the Pernambués congregation in the Bahia state capital.