CORBY, UK (BNC)BiBloS is the name of the new teaching magazine of the British Bible School, Principal Patrick Boyns announced today in Christian Worker magazine.

According to the BBS website, the aims of the magazine include:

  • To provide very good to high quality articles in various areas of Biblical studies and related subjects.
  • To both directly and indirectly promote the work of the British Bible School.
  • To encourage readers to engage more with the Bible, both through reading and more structured study.

The first issue publishes 12 articles in 20 pages.

Writers will be mainly teachers and others working with the school.

The first edition includes articles by Patrick Boyns, Steve Whitehead, Jon Galloway, Mark Hill, John Griffiths, and Mitch Vick.

The magazine will be published three times a year as an electronic journal.

BiBloS can be downloaded from the main page of the BBS website.

Founded in 1979 as a two-year, full time residential program, BBS is a training school now offering distance learning for part-time students and in-house congregation seminars.



  1. Great News! 🙂 I put it on Facebook so my Bible students and new Christians in Hungary and Montenegro and Albania can see it, since they can get the magazines online.:) Thanks so much for this, Randal!

  2. It is always good to see the Lord’s church trying to reach more souls but mostly to change the hearts and behavior of those already members of the body of Christ. There re 14 books in the New Testament that Paul is believed to have written but 9.5 of them are correcting, admonishing and rebuking the church.