GENEVA, Ala (BNc) — Diane Grantham, Geneva, AL, has endeared herself to both local nursing home residents and personnel. For the past year she has been going to the home on Monday mornings at 9:30 to tell Bible stories.

It all began one day while visiting the facility. A resident commented to Diane that she wished there was a member of the church who would come and preach at the home on Sundays. Diane said, “I would love to come and tell Bible stories.” That same day Diane approached the activities director about the possibility of her taking on the task. The director said, “We need someone to do that,” and thanked her, adding that the residents would enjoy it.

Today, a year later, Diane was 15 minutes early for the Monday morning story time. Residents were waiting in the dining hall following their physical therapy session. Over 36 residents and personnel were present for the 30 minute class on David and Goliath. She chooses her stories from both the Old and New Testament.

Diane’s first class only had 6-8 attendees, and she is happy to report having had as many as 43 attendees counting both residents and nurses in previous classes. Often the nurses comment on how much they enjoy the stories from the Bible.

When asked why she does this, Diane said, “It brings joy and comfort to me to know I am doing something that is pleasing to God by telling Bible stories to the residents and nurses.”