MONTGOMERY, Ala. (BNC) — Three Faulkner University athletes were arrested today, according to WSFA TV, and will be charged with the murder of a fourth athlete, Ryan Brooks, 19.

According to Montgomery Police, all four were attempting to break into a home with the intent to commit robbery, when one of the students was shot and killed by the homeowner.

The suspects are identified as Marshall Wall, Ronnie Williams, and Tabias Russell. All are 19 years old.

Even though none of the three pulled the trigger, they face the murder charge according to state law, because Brooks was killed during the robbery attempt in which they are suspects, according to the WSFA site.

The video of the news report is below: Montgomery Alabama news.

Faulkner University is a Christian institution associated with churches of Christ.



    1. Beth, apparently they can be charged with murder for being a part of putting him in a situation where someone would legally and justifiably shoot him.

      Not that this is the same thing at all, but many if not all states have laws that make you a murderer if you give your keys to someone you know or should have known was drunk and they kill someone. Bottom line is that it is best to stay as far from trouble as humanly possible.

      Very sad for all involved!