GRESHAM, Ore. (BNc) — A Filipino student of the World English Institute found information in the very first lesson on the existence of God to be helpful for faith.

The WEI teaches English using the Bible. Questions help the student review each lesson.

An open question encourages students to think, “What have you learned in Lesson One that is especially meaningful to you?”

The student answered,

“I doubted the existence of God because I watched a video on YouTube about the theory of evolution. I was persuaded that the theory had more scientific evidences than the story of creation. My heart kept telling me that I should believe God more than anyone else in this world, but my brain logically analyzed the facts; since then, I have been standing on the line between believing that God really exists, and accepting that God is not really real. (Although I’m doubting, I know, in my heart, God is real.) Having read this information, I feel so much better now. That I am not alone in this world, that God is always by my side because He is real and His promises are real. God existed, is existing and will always exist; for He is eternal. I honestly feel secure and protected now. Thank you.”

“What an encouraging way to start a new study!  Imagine as she continues to study!” Jan Towell, WEI coordinator, wrote in her daily email to online teachers.

The student’s text has been slightly edited for spelling and punctuation.

The student’s personal information was withheld in respect of privacy.

The WEI ministry website posts a continual appeal for more teachers to take on the growing number of enrollees in the courses.