GREENVILLE, S.C. (BNc) — A couple belonging to the Edgewood congregation died one day apart from each other. Norbert and June Rogers had been married 72 years.

They died Apr. 7 and 8. He was 97, she was 89. Their obituary is online.

The couple eloped in 1941, when Norbert was in the Navy and June was a teenager. Her mother said it wouldn’t last, but the couple remained married seven decades and had five children together.

Below, see the news report from WYFF TV.

“For some folks, it’s just a piece of paper. June and Norbert were a testimony of what marriage is supposed to be about. Till death do us part, and that is what parted them,” Wes Crisp, a family friend, told the TV station.

The memorial service was held Apr. 11 at the Edgewood church building. Preacher Jamie Beller spoke at the funeral.

“We can think of a word the personifies the lives of June and Norbert Rogers. One word that comes to my mind is love,” he said during the service.

He continued,

Love brought them together over 72 years ago as they were joined together in marriage. Love brought them together again in 2009, when on the same day they were baptized into Christ. Love kept them together for over 72 years in marriage. Love that brought them together in marriage, brought them together in Christ, and kept them together for over 72 years of life, kept them together in death.

Truly, Norbert and June Rogers personify the Lord’s words, “till death do us part.” Now, the love that brought them together in life; the love that kept them together in death, will keep them together with our Lord throughout eternity.