Workers in the Mt. Leo Bible correspondence course program

Workers in the Mt. Leo Bible correspondence course program

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) by Trent Key — From its original goal of reaching 500 people with Bible correspondence courses, the Mt. Leo congregation has exceeded all expectations.

As of April 21, 325,678 students have enrolled in the Bible correspondence course and 30,945 have completed it and graduated.

The Bible correspondence course is attached to the International Gospel Hour radio program. We don’t know how many of our new students come through that program, but many have enrolled through this effort.

The course we are using is the 30-lesson “Studies in the Bible” from Hawley Publications.

Mt. Leo is a congregation of 180-200 souls.

This program started back in Jan., 1970. W.E. Skipper was serving as the minister at that time. He is the one who got the work started.

The original number of students Mt. Leo hoped to enroll was between 500-1000 people. They also hoped to use it as a way to increase Bible knowledge among the membership of Mt. Leo. However, it quickly spread beyond the borders of McMinnville, Tenn. Students began to enroll in many other states, countries, and even navy ships. They well exceeded their original numbers by the end of 1970.

Philip Lappin, one of the saints here at Mt. Leo, was a huge help getting this started. He organized the groups and made sure that people were getting the work done that needed done. People were in the Bible correspondence room every day, often several times a day. One of the neighborhood ladies once asked brother Lappin why the lights were always on at night in the building and he told her to come and see.

The members of Mt. Leo have done a great job with this work and still continue to do amazing things. My wife and I are excited to be a part of this hard-working congregation and help out in this effort as well.

Back on Sept. 22, 2013, we honored those who had passed from this life who helped with the working of the BCC program. On that day, I reminded the congregation of Ephesians 3:20, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

I hope that over the next 43 years we can reach 325,000 more souls with the gospel through this great work that God has blessed us with.

Trent works full-time with the Mt. Leo congregation.