Glenda Williams and her mother Eulala Williams


GENEVA, Ala. (BNc) — After years of caring for her mother in-home, Glenda Williams wrote that her mother Eulala Williams passed peacefully from this life last night at age 102.

“At 8:00 o’clock tonight Mother’s clock on the wall started playing ‘Amazing Grace,’ as it always does on the hour. At that very moment she sighed and made a sound, and went to heaven. It was the most beautiful and loving thing I have ever seen. Praise God from whom all blessings flow,” Glenda wrote on Facebook.

Tributes began pouring to both Glenda and her mother.

“Aunt Glenda and Uncle Doug, you are in my prayers. You have so lovingly taken care of Mama Lala these years. She loved and cherished you as I know you did her. You two are such a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow,” Niva Harrison posted.

A few hours earlier Glad had written, “What an experience this is for us. I can only imagine the joy mother will experience once her soul departs her body. Douglas has been a wonderful source of comfort as we have prayed at mother’s bedside several times. His support has been unmatchable. I love that man. We continue to wait and pray for a peaceful passing. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.”

Sister Williams was recently highlighted as GBN’s oldest viewer.

Glenda’s husband Doug works full-time with the local congregation. She is also a BNc correspondent.

As Eulala’s life information comes to light, BNc will include it here.