Writer Steven Haguewood
Writer Steven Haguewood

PARKERSBURG, W.V. (BNc) by Steven Haguewood — I took a routine blood test to qualify for life insurance in September. To my dismay, the test, along with my weight, was cited by the insurance company as reasons to deny me coverage.

It is difficult to find out that at 41 years old you are too unhealthy to receive insurance coverage. The issues that caused the denial have been rectified with diet, exercise and medication. The point is that you never know about this physical world, it is bound to let you down.

There is only one who is capable of overcoming the stressors of this earth and that is the one who rose from the tomb after three days and ascended back to heaven. In Him must be our hope for 2014 and beyond.

Steven works with the North End congregation in Parkersburg, W.V., and is a teacher on the Preachers Files forum.

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  1. I like that the brother had the insight to realize that this world is not his home. It is great that he changed his physical habits but even more so that he realized that he will receive a glorified body like Jesus.

  2. While our priority must always be on the spiritual a physical jolt like this can awake us to the fact that there are vital physical situations that also need our attention. Proper balance is a wonderful thing and sometimes difficult to achieve. While love prevails over faith and hope, wisdom is also necessary.

  3. It is ironic that this brother is a victim of what most brethren prefer and that is that health insurance companies should be allowed to deny insurance based on pre-existing conditions. It is my understanding that he can’t be denied legally. He should investigate this further. This would require him contacting agencies that we traditionally scorn and criticize.