Philippine typoon - free image 2TACLOBAN, Philippines (BNc) — An estimated 10,000 people may have died as a result of the super typhoon that came through Central Philippines on Nov. 9, reaching speeds of approximately 200 miles per hour.

Tacloban was hit by 36 feet of water from the typhoon surge, destroying everything in its path. Although there were preparation efforts, they failed in the wake of such strength.

Reports indicate that although some homes were partially destroyed, the missionaries, local Filipino preachers and Christians are all safe.

Relief efforts are hampered by the destruction of roads and bridges and lack of electricity. Groups wishing to help are put on waiting lists because of the few flights going into Cebu and Tacloban.

In spite of this, groups of workers from US churches are preparing to travel to the Philippines to help begin reconstruction.

Some relief effort avenues at present are: World Evangelism, P. O. Box 72, Winona, MS 38967, mark for “Philippines typhoon aid” or Saturn Rd. Church of Christ, 3030 Saturn Rd., Garland, TX 75041, Attn: Robbie, mark for “MARCH for Christ” (Philippine mission work). Also, you can email the Boiling Springs congregation in South Carolina for information on their relief effort.

We will update other relief options as they become available.