Where is ‘just church’? asks student on public school questionnaire

just-churchLINCOLN, Ala. (BNc) by Joe Dukes — A saint in the congregation where I worship is a teacher in one of the area public schools.

She said that recently they were giving a standardized test to the students. At the beginning of the test are some questions asking about the student, including religious affiliation.

Under that category, the student is asked to select from a list of various religions. I believe she said there were 26 choices.

The options of religions ranged from various “Christian” denominations, to Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and several she said she could not even pronounce. The last of the choices was “other.”

One of the students spoke up and asked, “Where is ‘just church’?”

Later, the teachers were discussing that question, and some of them, members of denominations, commented that it is a shame that there is such division in the religious world, even among those who profess to believe in Christ.

It is refreshing to know that the plea for unity and to be just Christians still appeals to some in the religious world! Even those in religious divisions seem to know that this is not the way it should be!

Of course, to be a Christian only and have the type of unity Christ prayed for, we must all follow the same standard of authority. That standard has to be the Bible! It is our job as Christians to teach and demonstrate that the unity of the faith can and should be our plea!

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One thought on “Where is ‘just church’? asks student on public school questionnaire

  1. I think we can all agree with the idea of being “just church.” Some congregations of the Church of Christ have dropped the “Church of Christ” designation from their name or have de-emphasized it (eg, “South Main St Church of Christ” becomes “South Main St Church… a Church of Christ”). This approach sounds good on the surface but it can lead to confusion and has caused some in the church to doubt the “soundness” of the congregations that have changed their name.