by Willie Alvarenga

Willie AlvarengaBEDFORD, Tex. (BNc) — On August 24, the Spanish congregation at Brown Trail Church of Christ in Bedford, Tx., conducted a Greek Workshop in order to teach the Spanish-speaking church how to study the New Testament using Koine Greek.

Brother Willie A. Alvarenga, director and instructor for the Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish department taught the 6-hour course. Basic principles of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and exegesis were presented.

There were 50 Bible students in attendance and more than 120 visiting the live broadcasting. Thankfully, we now have the six videos posted on Youtube for those who speak Spanish and would like to learn more about the language in which the New Testament was written. We were able to hear great comments from those who attended the Greek Workshop.

Any Spanish-speaking congregation who would like to study Greek or would like to have a Greek Workshop conducted at their local congregation may contact brother Willie Alvarenga for more information.

For study material in Spanish, please visit Willie’s website.