amridgeMONTGOMERY, Ala. (BNc) — The graduation that took place at Amridge University June 8 was historic. The Turner School of Theology conferred its first two PhDs in Biblical Studies.

It was also historic in a larger sense for recipients Jimmy C. Gee and David W. Hester.

Gee was the first member of the church to receive a PhD in Old Testament from Amridge.

Hester was the first member of the church to receive a PhD in New Testament from Amridge.

Both men graduated summa cum laude.

Gee’s dissertation was, “The Role of the Queen and the Queen Mother in the Bible and Ancient World.”

Hester’s dissertation was, “The Long Ending of Mark: An Examination of Modern Scholarship (1965-2011) and a Proposal Concerning the Origin of the Passage.”

Gee and Hester were two of the first students enrolled in the PhD program at the Turner School of Theology.

Information provided by David Hester.



  1. Congratulations to these two men. It is always encouraging for, and exciting to me to have brethren who are well-educated to help grow the church by their teaching and hard-earned knowledge. May the Lord bless them with their abilities.

  2. Amridge will continue to hold a special place in my heart. I am thankful for the training I received from my youth through my masters studies under Rex Turner Sr. So happy for brother Gee and brother Hester in the completion of their years of study and for the efforts they will continue to put forth in the kingdom of Christ.

  3. Congratulations are certainly well deserved for Jimmy Gee and David Hester on their achievement in receiving their PhD degrees from Amridge. But I would like to correct just one detail: The first PhD degree from a brotherhood school was earned by Jim Laws, from Tennessee Bible College, in 1986. Thomas B. Warren was serving as graduate dean at that time.
    I believe the first student to earn the PhD degree by a brotherhood school occurred at Tennessee Bible College in 1986. James Laws was the recipient. This was followed by the PhD being earned in 1988 by Thomas F. Eaves; in 1990 by Joon Kee; in 1991 by Mac Deaver; in 1992 by Kerry Duke; and in 1994 by Ronald Gilbert. – Jim McGill

    The awarding of the PhD to Jim Laws in 1986 was followed by the same achievement by Thomas F. Eaves in 1988; Joon Kee (1990); Mac Deaver (1991; Kerry
    Duke (1992); and Ronald Gilbert (1994). – Jim McGill