CUBATI, Brazil (BNc) by Jeremy Newlin — In Cubati, there are four members of the church. During a trip there a couple of weeks ago, I talked to them about vision, the mission of the church, and had prayer with the couple, Afonso and Vânia, who live here.

The other two members of the church were weak in their faith. I say “were” because I talked with them and I think they were strengthened with my visit, but it seems to be a recurring theme for them.

Afonso and Vânia pray for their city, but it seems that no one listens to the Gospel. There are many denominations, and the Catholic Church is also present, but these are not the greatest problem for this city of 6,000 inhabitants.

This is a city full of immorality. Perhaps it is more evident because of the small population or maybe it is just really immoral.

Afonso told me how they are talking to people in the city about Jesus, but no one has come to meet with them.

Afonso also said that most of the denominations in Cubati now eat the Lord Supper every Sunday because “Afonso’s church,” as they call it, is doing so. They don’t say that out loud, but the reason is so that they do not lose any members.

The denominations also started doing some other things because Afonso teaches it. So with that insight I encouraged both Afonso and Vânia to continue teaching and not to be discouraged by numbers, because God is working.

Who knows, maybe the denominations in Cubati as a whole will begin to obey the Gospel truth. They may not see immediate results in numbers at their church meetings, but God’s Word will be working to transform the lives of many and an entire city, wallowing in immorality.

If you have any thoughts on this article, I would love to hear them.

I ask for your prayers for the city of Cubati and the spreading of God’s Word.



  1. If they are changing, they are listening. Missionaries work this way all the time. The seed will grow. Keep planting, and keep praying.

  2. Weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper is only one point of issue but it might be a talking point to open a door. Obviously seems to have had an effect on the practice of some. Bot don’t Catholics have weekly mass? I would assume the people involved in the change of practice are Protestants of some sort.

    The key issue is to get people to recognize that church practices are not changeable on the whim or choices based on what “works” to hold members. We must follow the scripture, and a lack of respect for that will not be negated by a pick-and-choose revision of practice.

  3. I wrote above, “Bot don’t Catholics have weekly mass?”

    My computer must have a bot! I do know how to spell “but”! 🙂 I just could not revise the message after it posted.

  4. I think its great that certain denominations are willing to re-examine the way they do things. A couple things to think about… Who says those denominations aren’t following the gospel truth? What are they doing wrong? And if you want gospel truth, why does the Church of Christ not ‘remember Christ as often as they come together’ on sunday evenings and wednesdays? Why are members required to take the Lords Supper apart from others on Sunday evenings if they were absent for morning worship? Why does it seem more like a silent funeral than a joyful communion? It seems to me the self-examination should come full-circle.

  5. Thank you for redirecting me, J. Randal! My intent is not bash or heckle, unless rhetorical questions that cause one to pause and think fall under that category. However, this entire article is doctrinal discussion, so one could safely assume comments left in reply are staying on topic. My point is that article seems to be about converting people from one doctrine to another, and my thought is, are we as brothers in Christ missing the point? If this blog doesn’t exist to edify and encourage one another in our walks, then I will respectfully refrain from future comments.

  6. BNc publishes stories by and for churches of Christ, so it’s not a general religious news site. You might check the About and Convictions pages for more information on that. I appreciate your spirit. Again, your question is more appropriate for sites like the Preachers File’s forum or other doctrinal discussions. Thanks!