Las Vegas taxi driver Mark Regan

Las Vegas taxi driver Mark Regans

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (BNc) — The World Video Bible School, based in Maxwell, Texas, recently received the following letter from Mark Regans, a Christian taxi driver in Las Vegas. His focus in life is clear and encouraging:

There is nothing more important to me than talking to people about the truth. No matter where I am this is what I do. I talk to people across the country and other countries: Scotland, Canada, and Kenya.

I will wake up out of a sound sleep to talk Bible with someone. I encounter a lot of adversity behind this. It is amazing how many people do not care about their salvation, the thing that should be most important to them.

In Matthew 6:33 the key word is “first.” The Lord is not going to play second. Our job is to speak the truth and hopefully when they hear us they hear Him (Luke 10:16).

There is a lot of work to be done everywhere. Most people I encounter do not expect to hear the gospel in Las Vegas in a taxi cab. I pass out a lot of information and discs every day.

The thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is anticipation of the encounter (the journey). Our biggest asset is our availability. I always make myself available for the Master’s use.

In Acts 2, twelve men preached one sermon and 3,000 souls were added. Nowadays it takes 3,000 sermons to bring one soul to the Lord. Every waking moment I am searching for that one.

I really appreciate the material that WVBS makes available. This is a very serious war out here and I need all the ammunition I can get my hands on. Thanks! I love you guys and I am so happy to call you my family!”