Lance and Kristen Mosher

Lance and Kristen Mosher

PORIRUA, New Zealand (BNc) by Lance Mosher — In the middle of February, I began a personal evangelism course for the local brethren.

We are studying the attitude, tact, and tools of personal evangelism.

I hope this class can give its students the confidence and ability needed for them to reproduce their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in their friends and family.

The Lord desires all citizens of Porirua to be active members of His body.

If I were the only one working to make that happen, in the five years we have committed to the work here, I would have to study with and baptise thirty people every day to convert the city of Porirua.

Obviously, I cannot do it on my own. That’s why the Lord has blessed every Christian with the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

Also, about 20 doors have been knocked in the past month. Some great contacts have been reached. Almost every one of them has accepted Bible study materials, including four families enrolling in Bible correspondence courses.