Embu-Guaçu, Brazil (BNc) by Lidia Brandao — Using Jesus’ words, “Do not fear, only believe,” as their theme, 310 Christian women from across the country came together in the annual retreat Nov. 1-3.

The retreat’s official name is the National Women’s Congress of Churches of Christ in Brazil. The theme of the 33rd congress was based in Mark 5:36 and Luke 8:50.

Five speakers were followed by a Christian woman illustrating the speech, telling her experience of how the Lord had helped her overcome a great problem.

The speech topics were these:

  • You don’t need to fear, you need faith
  • Look to heaven and count the stars … tomorrow will be better
  • Worry, choking the soul
  • Adversities ahead: do not fear, only believe
  • Dead-end street: transforming tragedy in triumph

All the participants had the opportunity to spend time in fellowship, sing, pray, participate in a marvelous devotional, and eat delicious meals. The activities reinvigorated their spirit and strengthened faith through the Word of God, prayer, praise, and fellowship.

Everything was prepared with lots of love under the organization, this year, of the church that meets on the Ninth of July Avenue in São Paulo.

The retreat was held at the Mount of Olives Christian Camp, established in 1971 and directed by representatives of area congregations.