Unpaid church workers

Farmers who also preach the gospel

TRENTO, Philippines (BNc) by Jonahdee Berindez Dela Cruz — These are brethren from all over the province of Agusan del Sur. They are preaching and evangelizing in the municipality of Trento.

Most of them are poor farmers, faithfully preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 1:16), even though they don’t receive any allowances or honorarium from their own congregation.

Philippine church of ChristEvery month we meet in a certain area preaching, restoring, edifying, and conducting gospel meetings. Ten congregations participate in this ministry.

Our last meeting was Oct. 22-29 at Surigao City, Surigao del Norte.

We usually spend two days in each place, sleeping, eating, and taking a bath at every church building where we work. Last month was a special one, it was a church planting. The others spent 4-8 days without a good supply of water due to a typhoon. Most of us got wet knocking doors, inviting people to the three-night gospel meeting.

Fourteen precious soul received Christ Jesus and were baptized and forgiven of their sins.

These brothers are not receiving any aid or help from abroad. I’m really blessed with these brothers; they give encouragement to us and to others to preach the gospel.

Our next meeting at the Sampaguita church, Veruela, Agusan del Sur, will be Nov. 30-Dec. 1.

Next year, in the month of January, will be our second year.

May God bless and give the increase in this ministry. To God be the glory!